Trials, the Great Equalizer

Christians cannot avoid having to go through various trials. We can make it with the help of God.

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

August 23, 2020
James 1:9-11'>James 1:9-11

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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Trials, the Great Equalizer

James 1:9-11

James written to early Christians who were going through trials.

Rejoice in exaltation. True wealth is judged by our spiritual status.

He/she can rejoice because they are connected to heaven. As a result they are wealthy. Earthly poor but heavenly rich.

Exaltation, high, heavenly. The Christian rejoice because we look towards heaven.

How to handle riches.

Rejoice in 1. exaltation, 2. humiliation, 3. glorification

material possessions only last for a little while.

Trials are a great equalizer both for the rich and poor.

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