The God Who Keeps on Giving

The apostle James reminds his readers about the ontology of God. His giving nature is evident by the way He gives to humanity. God continual giving is part of His greater plan for His people. This sermon unpacks the principles involving the giving nature of God as presented by Pastor Reece.

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

September 13, 2020
James 1:17-18'>James 1:17-18

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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James 1:17-18

"The God who Keeps on Giving"

by Pastor Kenneth Reece

Don't be deceived (go astray)

  1. In light of what sin will do to us
  2. In light of all that God gives us

**John 3:16; Romans 8:32

We serve a God who Keeps on giving. The God of an open hand. The unchanging God who gives.

God's nature is immutable. God cannot change. Psalms 102.

  1. God is unchanging in His giving.

Desoite whatever changes in the world God does not change.

The sun is always shining whether we see it or not. What have you allowed to get between you and God?

Have we allowed people , possessions and agendas to get in between us and God? What has eclipsed God's light in our lives?

God like the sun never changes. Despite the pandemic He has still provided. God's giving never changes.

  1. God is unceasing in His giving. Not only does God gives but He keeps on giving.

Every time I turn around I experience the blessings of God.

  1. The description of God's giving.
  2. God's profitable gift. God's gift is beneficial to the recipient. God wants to enrich us through His giving.

What God gives is good.

  1. God's purposeful gift.

The gifts of God are given to fulfill the purpose of God. For example, His gift brings forth adoration, consecration, and appreciation.

We appreciate God because we are not deserving of His grace. We did not earn it. Since God has done so much for us we ought to thank Him by praising Him.

Even in the midst of trials God is still giving. God's gifts always come with purpose. What we may see as a burden may become a blessing.

  1. God's Paramount Give (Ephesian 2:8)

God willed it:

The best give that God has ever given us is salvation.

The elect is whosoever will and the non-elect is whosoever will not.

Salvation came by God's word:

Ephesians 1:13, 1 Peter 1:23, Romans 10

We belong to God. We are God's people and His property. God owns it all. We serve a God who keeps on giving who also owns everything.

God demonstrated His love by creating us and also by sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

His giving is a demonstration of His love.

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