Taming the Tongue

This sermon deals with the power of the tongue. Christians should have enough discipline to control what they say and how they say it. Pastor Reece unfolds the principles behind the tongue and how to tame it.

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

November 29, 2020
James 3:1-12'>James 3:1-12

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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"Taming the Tongue"



The Controlled Tongue, the seriousness of teaching God’s words. God will hold teachers accountable for what they teach and how they teach. Every word that comes out of our mouth as teachers will be held accountable. There will be a stricter judgement for those who teach.

Verse 2, despite our best intentions all of us have offended others at various times. No one has arrived.

A mature believer may fall in other areas but is able to control the tongue. If a person can control their tongue it is an indication that the person is probably a mature Christian.

If you can control the tongue you can control the whole body.

Verses 3-4, a controlled tongue is a powerful force. The imagery is a trainer breaking a wild house. Likewise the tongue is a powerful force that needs to be controlled.

Verse 4, the tongue is compared to a ship. The ship is guided by a small rudder. Likewise the tongue is the human rudder that needs to be controlled.

If we controlled the tongue:

  • Marriages would be better
  • Work would be better

 A Careless Tounge, verses 5-8


Don't let the size of the tongue fool you. It is small but yet powerful. A rumor can start in Sacramento today and get to France



The tongue can have polluting effects.



The tongue has the capability of penetrating every aspect and time of our life. Once it is released you can't get it back.



James is saying the power of the untamed tongue comes from the pits of hell. The bad words that are said are endorsed by Satan. Some youth growth have been stunted due to discouraging words.


The Capability of the careless tongue

The Capacity of the careless tongue

You can't control a careless tongue. Verse 8, the uncontrolled tongue is like a deadly venom from a snake. We have to think before we speak.

Before you spread something. Consider the following:

True .. Is it true?

Helpful...Is it helpful?

Inspiring...Will it be inspiring?

Necessary...Is it necessary?


Kind..Is it kind?


The Confused Tongue, verses 9-10

We can't praise God on one side and curse others on another side.  We can't just say what we want to say. It is impossible to have a body of water that is both bitter and sweet water. It is a picture of a confused tongue.


How can I tame the tongue?

Confess your sin.

Confess that the source is from the heart.

Confess the solution. Confess Jesus as Savior and Lord. Psalm 140:3.


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