Sunday Service: What is Life?

What is Life?

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

January 17, 2021
James 4:13-17'>James 4:13-17

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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Everything we do must be contextualized by the phrase God willing.


  1. What is the aim of your life? vs. 13

James challenges his audience to consider their aspirations. The way you plan

  1. James said their aim was to seek profit (businessmen). They were consumed with making money.

If making money is your only goal then you have a problem.

  1. Their aim also was to exercise their pride. They pridefully planned their success. James said such boasting was evil (vs. 16).


All applause belong to God, we can't take the credit.


  1. Where is the assurance for your life? verse 14

We have no assurance regarding our earthly life.

James talks about why we cannot put our trust in things.

  1. We do not know what tomorrow holds . Only God knows what will occur tomorrow.


What is your life? We are but a mist. This means our life is short. We are a vapor that vanishes. Certainty is not found in the plans but in God.


James says to be careful what you have placed on your list. Commit your list into the hands of God.


If God has told you to do something then do it now. Whatever you need to do, do it now.


  1. Who is the authority of your life?

The future cannot be trusted. Our hope must be in God. Whatever we plan must be within the will of God. Certainty is only found in God.


Who should be the authority in our life?

  1. God should be the authority in our life. Life is a gift not a guarantee. The key phrase is if it is God's will.

Colossians 1:16-17


Only God knows the span of our life. We should say if the Lord will we will live.


Everyday we get up it was due to God that we are alive.


God gave us the light for our lives. While we have breath we ought to pursue the will of God in our lives.


Life is short but eternity is long. Only what you do for Christ will last.


Hebrew 12:2


Jesus set the example. He was obedient to the will of God. Develop your plan within the statutes of God.

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