Sunday Service: The Subject of Divine Healing

Series: The Book of James

The Subject of Divine Healing

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

February 14, 2021
James 5:13-18'>James 5:13-18

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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The Problem

Christians were being persecuted and they needed help from on High. The answer is Jesus.

  1. Those suffering from external pressures.
  2. Those stricken with internal pain -verse 14. James was speaking to sick people. Only James gives us instructions on how to pray for the sick.


James was addressing those who were spiritually weary. God can also heal physically. However, this passage in James is dealing with spiritual healing (verse 13). The Christians were weary in their faith.


The Process

A process that can be used as a guide but not a guarantee. Healing is divine. God can use others to heal but He is the ultimate healer.



Let the elders be summoned to come and help the sick person. It is up to the sick person to let the church know. The sick person is to take the initiative to contact the elders.


The elders brought comfort to the weary believer. The anointing oil served as  a metaphorical message to the weary believer. The oil was for comfort not as a magic potion.


The Accountability

Pray for one another that you may be healed.

James is not saying to go around and share all of your sins without constraints. Everybody cannot handle your honesty.



When one becomes weary and weak in their service to the Lord we become susceptible to falling.


Sins must be confessed to our offense against one another (outward accountability)if we want to be healed. There also must be an  (upward accountability). We must confess to God.


The Prayer

Prayer is the key to securing God's help help and healing. We do not prayer to command God to do something. James is speaking about a humble prayer.


This type of prayer must be:

  1. Sincere. You can't have iniquity in your heart. If we want God to hear us we cannot have uncontested sin in our hearts.


  1. Earnestly. If we expect God to answer our prayer we must go to Him with integrity and energy.


The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


How effective is this type of prayer?

Despite Elijah being a great man he was still just like us. Elijah prayed fervently with sincerity. Likewise we can pray like Elijah. We can pray sincerely and fervently.

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