Sunday Service: The Power of Perseverance

Series: The Book of James

The Power of Perseverance - Jersey for Jesus Sunday

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

February 7, 2021
James 5:7-12'>James 5:7-12

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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The recipients: Christians going through persecution, struggling with poverty.


James encourages them to persevere despite the challenges. God tells us to continue in the faith and keep fighting.


We need to keep going until the Lord calls us home. If we are going to persevere we need to analyze the following:


  1. Who we need to copy (chapter 5) in order to persevere.

James points us to true examples-verse 10

  1. Those who served with faithfulness. The prophets of God were mistreated but they were patient and still carried on the work of the Lord.


When we serve the Lord we will still go through challenges. Despite the hardship we must continue serving. Despite the persecution they (the prophets of old) persevered.


  1. Those who have suffered faithfully. verse 11

James used Job as an example. Despite his struggles he did not succumb to despair. Despite what he went through he still trusted God.


Live with a resolute conviction just like Job. God is an able God. He is able to handle our problems.


  1. What is Needed to Cope
  2. Be Patient with People

Patience with other people (vs. 10). Patience means long tempered instead of short tempered. We need a long tempered attitude when dealing with others.


How do we cope?

Do it without grumbling. Do it without complaining. Complaining does not make the situation better. 


  1. Be Patient with Problems

We need patience in order to go through difficult problems. To remain under the hardship until God lifts it up.


Knowing God makes us want to go on. The same God who delivered us before will take us through again.

If you sip from the nectar of God, it will motivate you to go on.


Trouble does not always last. Joy will come in the morning.


III. Why we Need to Continue

 A motive for Preserving

We patiently carry on because:


We are a testimony for other people.

  • Our perseverance is a testimony to others about what God can do.


Trust in God’s Plan

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