Sunday Service: All the Difference in the World

Series: The Book of James

All the Difference in the World

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

February 21, 2021
James 5:19-20'>James 5:19-20

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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As Christians we have to make a difference. God placed us in the world to care for the homeless and helpless. Every Christian has a responsibility to go after those that have gone astray.


  1. The mistake that causes drifting (vs. 19).
  2. We have to accept the possibilities. It is possible for a believer to leave the path of God.


Some Christians have experienced a wandering. There are those who followed God closely but turned away.


  1. We must admit the Problem.

Those who were once faithful have wandered away from God. They went astray accidentally. Individuals who slipped into sin.


What did they wander from? They wandered from the truth. They wandered away from the Lord (John 14:6).


Watch out for false doctrine then can contribute to wandering. Doctrine does matter.


It's not about just what we profess but also what we do.


  1. A Ministry that Makes a Difference


There is a blessing that comes from real ministry. A ministry such as the ministry of reconciliation.


  1. A ministry that produces restorative results.

The idea of bringing someone back. Bringing back the wandering believer (Galatians 6:1). The faithful ought to help to turn around those that are struggling.


(metaphorical example). The fixed planet chase after the wandering star.


  1. A ministry that produces eternal results.


  1. Life saving work. The idea of Christians picking up a fellow Christian. Bring them back to the church. This is a life saving work.


  1. God covers our sins. When we bring them back to Christ they can get the help they need. Christ can forgive them of their sins.


God wants his church to offer road side service.

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