Sunday Service: A Word About Wealth

Series: The Book of James

 Pastor Reece speaks about James' view on wealth.

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

January 31, 2021
James 5:1-6'>James 5:1-6

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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A sermon on dealing with money.


Pastor Kenneth Reece

James 5:1-6

"A Word About Wealth"


Its okay to have possessions as long as the wealth does not have you. How we deal with wealth is a reflection of our spirituality.


There are three issues that Janes outlines:


Acquisition of Wealth

How do we get wealth? Proverbs 6:6. The Bible only teaches against getting wealth by illegal means. The rich employers did not give their workers what they were due. The employers were to give their workers what was fair (Luke 10:7).



We should not be found as Christians mistreating those who work for us. The worker should not mistreat their employer.


James speak against mistreatment under the legal system. The courts could be influenced by those who had the most money. All the mistreated could do was to call upon the name of the Lord.


Accumulation of Wealth

The rich guarded and stored their wealth with little consideration for helping others. There is nothing wrong with savings but when it comes hoarding it is unacceptable.


We should leave a portion of our wealth to the church after God calls us home. Hoarding will eventually expose us.


Administration of Wealth

They lived extravagantly.  There is a difference in enjoying things versus living extravagantly. Christians should invest in eternal things.

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