Have You Got Good Religion?

Series: The Book of James

The world is filled with many who attend church for the wrong reasons. James provides practical examples for the modern Christian. In this sermon Pastor Reece reminds us that we should attend church for Godly reasons.  In addition, our religion should be based on Godly motives which extends to others (James 1:26-27).

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

October 25, 2020
James 1:26-27'>James 1:26-27

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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James 1:26-27

"Have You Got Good Religion?"
by Pastor Reece

James is dealing with the religion of men. James is talking about the acts and deeds we do as a result of our faith in Christ.

I. Vain Religion-verse 26

This person's act of service is worthless. Vain religion is having appearance without reality.

The cain person thinks he is religious. He looks religious on the outside but have little religion.

If there is faith, there will be works. The vain religious person as an example cannot bridle their tongue. What comes out of the mouth reveals what is in the heart.

This religious person's religion is in vain. His tongue reveals his real personhood. A person can come to church looking holy but yet miss the mark. The evidence based on their actions betray their religion.

Activity without Result

The word deceived means without results. Real religion results in blessings. Vain religion does not reveal spiritual results.

Vain religion is a violation of God's code. If we want God's blessings then we must practice true religion instead of vain religion.

Vain religion is a counterfeit to our faith.

II. Virtuous Religion verse 27

Religion that is pure and unstained from the world. Our service is connected to our relationship with the Savior.

Virtuous religion is accepted by God. We want to do everything in hopes of pleasing God. This is pure religion and is undefiled (without stain).

How does Virtuous religion manifests itself?

1. Practical service. The motive is other focused. Helping others. Serve the orphans and widow's. If there is a legitimate need, the church should step up and help.

Our service towards others is an indication of our relationship with God. We ought to help others as Christians. Bear one another's burden so to fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).

2. Personal Separation

The text says an undefiled religion is one whose religion is not stained. Unspotted by the world.

Don't let the world influence you. One's religious activities is a reflection of their rekation with God. What is going on inwardly will manifest itself on the outside.

There should be a desire to live Unspotted from the world? God changed us internally.

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