Fighting Temptation

Series: The Book of James

All believers experience temptations. Since temptations are inevitable, the Bible provides principles on how to deal with them. Pastor Reece unpacks James' message to all Christians.

Speaker: Pastor Kenneth Reece

September 6, 2020
James 1:13-16'>James 1:13-16

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor

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"Fighting Temptation"

James 1:13-16

I. The Presence of Temptation. It's not a matter of if temptation will come but when.

1 Corinthians 10:13

Each person is tempted regardless of age.

God is not responsible for temptation. God has no vulnerability be tempted.

We cannot blame God for temptation (e.g. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the Serpent...).

God is not tempting us to sin.

Sin perverted our desires.

No one is immune to temptation.

Quit pointing fingers at others when you also are dealing with your own temptation.

Flesh will also be flesh.

I know nothing good dwells in me (Romans 7:18).

The  Christian baptism did not eradicate the flesh.


II. The Process of Temptation (vs. 14)

The pull on our flesh has the ultimate goal of pulling us away from God. It lures us away from God.

If you have falling do not run away from God rather run to God.

We can also be lured in. Also to be lured into sin. The enemy is a pro at fishing and hunting.

The Devil's bait is always attractive. He has watched our track record. The price for taking the bait is extremely high.


III. The Product of Temptation (vs. 15).

James describe the idea of conception. It is not a sin to be tempted but how we respond to temptation.

There is a decision by us to yield. This is when sin is conceived.

2 Samuel chapters 13-14

Sin never produces what it promises. It produces a still birth.

Jsmes warns us

Temptation plus opportunity equals trouble.

How to respond to temptations

  1. Resist the Devil and he will flee.
  2. Refocus your mind. Move out of the situation. Take a walk. Refocus your attention on God.
  3. Reveal your struggles to a friend. However, you cannot reveal your struggles to not just anybody. Reveal it to a trust worthy person. Eccl. 4:10

Christians need one another. We have to learn to be honest with others.

Hiding your temptations will only make it worse.

We can't blame God for our temptation. However, God will walk with us through the temptation.


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