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Hello Parents! Welcome to St. Paul's Parent Resource page. This page was created to connect parents with the appropriate resources. If you have questions about children related programs, please click on the button below:


In addition, St. Paul has partnered with Right Now media. Right Now media has thousands of videos specifically made for children. Each program is rooted in Biblical principles. Parents will also find Bible study tools, information on raising Godly children as well as many other topics. 

Please note, you will need your username and ID information to log in to Right Now media. You can get this information from the church office. You can call 916-737-7070. To get more information about Right Now media click on the link below:

Right Now media

St. Paul also use a system called Kid-Check. 

What is KidCheck?
KidCheck is a secure children’s check-in system that enhances your provider’s security system and simplifies the check-in process. KidCheck helps ensure no one can pick up your child without your consent. To create a KidCheck profie simply click on the link at

Key Benefits of Having KidCheck:

Child Safety
* Easily create and update a list of who can (and cannot) pick up your children
* Upload photos of children and guardians for added security
* Provide medical and allergy information and alerts

Secure Information
* No one sees you or your child’s information until you check-in to their facility
* KidCheck uses the same secure data technology as banks to keep your information safe
* KidCheck never asks for personal identification such as Social Security numbers, credit cards or banking information, and we never sell the information we do gather

* Speedy check-in - simply input your 10 digit phone number
* KidCheck is web-based, so you can create and access your account from anywhere
* Text message notifications when your child is checked in and out, or in case of emergency

In order to get set up for Kid-Check, please contact the church office at 916-737-7070 or e-mail  

To get more information on the Kid-Check in system click on the following icon:

Kid-Check icon