Become a Member

How Do I Become A Member of St. Paul?

Thank you for inquiring about joining our church.  In order to become a member, we ask that you first attend our Pre-Membership Class on Sunday mornings.  You may be asking, what is the purpose of attending a Pre-Membership Class.  The Pre-Membership class is held on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and is designed to inform you about what we as a church believe doctrinally.  In addition, you will learn about the expectations of the church for all members.  We believe it is important to have as much information as possible before joining any church.  The Pre-Membership class is not only intended to inform you about St. Paul but it gives prospective members a chance to ask any questions they may have before agreeing to become a member.

Participants in the Pre-Membership class are given an opportunity to officially join St. Paul before the conclusion of the session.  If you choose to join the church after the session, there will be a Membership Agreement Form for you to sign.  This signed document will signify your desire to become a member of St. Paul and to become an active participant within its ministries.

Furthermore, once you officially become a member, we ask that you report to New Membership.  New Membership consists of ten additional classes.  Each class is designed to edify the believer by giving them practical examples of how to live out their faith.  The New Membership Classes are as follows: Salvation, Applying God’s Words, Developing Your Prayer Life, Experiencing God’s Love & Forgiveness, Becoming a Godly Servant, Trusting in Jesus Christ, Sharing the Gospel, Becoming God’s Servant, Being Assured of your Salvation, and Spiritual Gifts. These ten classes as well as the Pre-Membership class must be satisfied before graduating from New Membership.  Once you graduate from New Membership, you will be able to take one of our Sunday School classes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the Directors/Chairpersons of the Ministry?

The Chairpersons of our New Membership Department are Sheryl Parker and Minister Greg Lawson, Jr.

Where is the Pre-Membership Class?

The Pre-Membership Class is held at the church in the library on Sunday mornings.  The class starts at 9:00 am and concludes at 9:50 am.  Prospective members should report to the New Membership Class in the Fellowship Hall by 8:45 am on Sunday. Let the facilitators know you are a prospective member, and you will be directed to the Pre-Membership Class.

Where are the New Membership Classes?

New Membership starts at 8:45 am and there is a general assembly in the Fellowship Hall.  All new members are asked to report to New Membership on the next Sunday following their Pre-Membership Class.

Am I a Member if I Only Attend Worship Services and Bible Study?

You can only become an official member of St. Paul by first attending the Pre-Membership Class.  At the conclusion of the class, you will have an opportunity to sign the agreement form.  Signing the Member Agreement Form will signify that you are an official member and afforded all of the rights that St. Paul members have.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Member?

Once you become a member of St. Paul, you will be contacted by the church office.  In addition, you will receive information regarding your Deacon, and envelope number.  Each person that joins the church is assigned a Deacon.  You will have full access to your Deacon as well as the Pastor (by appointment).  Please consult your Pre-Membership packet for additional information.