Definition: The New Membership Department is the main source for providing encouragement, instruction, fellowship and attention to all new members.

Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the New Membership Department is to provide new members with a firm biblical foundation. New members receive instruction in the basic doctrines of the bible. The Doctrines are covered over a 22-week period through 5 series of courses. Upon completion of the courses each student is given a certificate of completion.

Goal: To teach new members the foundational truths that are needed to grow into a mature and stable follower of Christ. An additional goal is to assimilate new members into the church body and equip them to identify their gifts, so that they can be used to help build God’s Kingdom.

Objectives: To accomplish the goal, the following objectives will be implemented:

  • Provide learning opportunities for all new members through systematic study of God’s word.
  • Encourage new members to participate in the General Assembly and devotion.
  • Provide monthly 4th Sunday Fellowships that are motivating, inspiring, and informative.
  • Assist each new member in identifying his or her spiritual gifts by administering the spiritual gifts test.
  • Upon successful completion of the spiritual gifts test, provide the new member with a referral to the appropriate ministry.
  • Assign each new member a mature Christian to nurture them in their walk with Christ.