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Staff Monklet example

Profile image of Pastor Kenneth Reece

Pastor Kenneth Reece

Senior Pastor


Profile image of Pastor Ephraim Williams

Pastor Ephraim Williams

Pastor Emeritus
Profile image of Lamont Harris

Lamont Harris

Administrative Assistant

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 206

Profile image of Lorraine Fauntleroy

Lorraine Fauntleroy

Executive Secretary

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 201

Profile image of Felicia Johnson

Felicia Johnson

Church Receptionist

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 200

Profile image of Perseus Poku

Perseus Poku

Staff Minister

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 215

Profile image of Johnny  Lewis

Johnny Lewis

Facilities Manager

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 223

Profile image of Diana Ramson

Diana Ramson

Office Assistant

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 202

Profile image of Nikiya Massie

Nikiya Massie

Director of Membership Services

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 216

Profile image of Orlando Bruce

Orlando Bruce


Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 200

Profile image of Richard Heidelberg

Richard Heidelberg

Maintenance Manager
Profile image of William Ross

William Ross


Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 200

Profile image of Walt Williams

Walt Williams

Campus Security

Office:916-737-7070 Ext: 200