The Oak Park community and surrounding vicinity has productive citizens, schools, health facilities, businesses, public services, community organizations, recreational and religious organizations.

One of the oldest outreach programs in the community is the St. Paul Tutorial Center. In 1994, the St. Paul Tutorial Center incorporated and became the St. Paul and Oak Park Community Outreach Program. This Community Outreach program was organized to respond to the changing needs of the community.

Program Description

The St. Paul and Oak Park Community Outreach Program was formed to provide charitable and educational services to the public. Our goal is to coordinate community efforts to provide assistance to the economically and socially disadvantaged.

Our Objectives are:

  1. To engage in the direct provision of social services which will include providing meals, clothes, counseling, substance abuse and alcohol support groups.
  2. To provide educational opportunities to adults through vocational training and re-entry training programs.
  3. To develop and provide educational support services to students in grades K-12.
  4. To develop a community support system for those who are homeless, and in need of referrals for shelter.
  5. To provide awareness and self-enhancement training and workshops.
  6. To provide training and workshops that will promote self-sufficiency among teenagers.
  7. To develop and provide training for inner-city boys.
  8. To provide day care and after school services to elementary and middle school students.
  9. To provide counseling, support services, and parenting classes for pregnant teenagers.
  10. To provide academic enrichment in the form of tutoring, writing, reading, and arithmetic.

Additional services:

  1. Transportation services.
  2. Informational and Referral for Seniors.
  3. Employment and Economic Development Council.
  4. Manhood Rites of Passage.