St. Paul Scholarships

St. Paul and its members are pleased to offer several different scholarship opportunities to high school seniors and college students. We also want to recognize students who are advancing in their academic careers (e.g. transitioning from elementary to middle school, high school to college, etc.). Immediately below are applications for the available scholarships, a criteria sheet for those scholarships, and the academic advancement form. For additional information or to submit your scholarship application, please contact Bro. Gerald Ellis at .

Scholarship Criteria Chart

Advancement Worksheet

Andrew & Cherry Briggs

Debbie Cager Music Scholarship

Dorothy Dunn Bryan Scholarship

General Scholarship

Goodwill Scholarship

Graduating Seniors Scholarship

Louis Carter Scholarship

Michael & Judith Boyd Scholarship

Vocational School Scholarship

Walter Burnett Scholarship
Please note that this scholarship has its own selection criteria (as listed on its website).

Community Scholarships (these scholarships are not affiliated with St. Paul)

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Scholarship

Black Parallel School Board Scholarship

Delta Scholarship

Get Up Get Active Scholarship

Generation Google Scholarship

Imagine America Scholarship

Kosmos Club Scholarship

Rosenwald “Robbie” Robertson Scholarship

SAFE Credit Union Scholarship

Sacramento County Region Scholarship

Sacramento Links Scholarship (not open yet)

Scholarship Resources & Information

SMUD Scholarships

Teen Drive 365 Scholarship